I met Dr. Schreiber seven years ago when my husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer and elected to have Brachytherapy. Now, my husband is cancer free.

Recently, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and I immediately knew I wanted to talk to Dr. Schreiber about Brachytherapy. After that consultation with Dr. Schreiber, I was sure Brachytherapy was the option for me.

The procedure is relatively painless, and it is for only one week, twice a day. It does not cause hair loss, low energy or sickness.Dr. Schreiber and his staff are very professional, warm and caring. They genuinely care about their patients. I highly recommend Brachytherapy and Dr. Schreiber and his staff for all women with breast cancer. We do have choices.


My journey began in 1990 with breast cancer diagnosed and contained within my left breast. In 1991, a new site was found on the right side. In 1996, another surprising new cancer appeared on the right. And in 1998, a recurrence shocked me in the left breast. I met Dr. Schreiber during my first encounter, and he has been with me all the way. He came to me highly recommended by other physicians. In all cases, I chose breast preservation; lumpectomies were performed prior to treatment.

From the beginning of this wild ride in 1990, Dr. Schreiber was there to prepare me for right and left breast external radiation treatments. The 1998 brachytherapy procedure performed by Dr. Schrieber was exceptionally effective and a welcome choice for me. My experiences and treatments I consider to be the best of care; we follow up each year. He is a consummate technician, a caring and thorough physician. Dr. Schreiber is a pioneer, willing to step ahead of the time, yet he never puts a patient’s well being at risk. His approach is comprehensive and always current, well informed and thoroughly communicated. Dr. Schreiber always answers my questions, and I have lots of questions in light of my multiple experiences.

Dr. Schreiber created an innovative and respected practice in Littleton Radiation Oncology. He advances technology to make the best treatment options available for his patients. I commend him to you.


Shortly before my husband and I were to leave on a windsurfing vacation, I scheduled a routine annual mammography. A few days later the final diagnosis of carcinoma of the left breast obliterated my carefree future. Emotions ran through my mind day and night; there was no escape from them or the diagnosis. I was not sure which was worse. I had a lumpectomy and when discussing follow-up treatment, I told my surgeon I would like to consider brachytherapy as an option for the following reasons: radiation to only the surgical site, the short amount of treatment time, and the few, if any, side effects. I was referred to the Breast Brachytherapy Center and Dr. David Schreiber to discuss this procedure.

Dr. Schreiber and his staff were knowledgeable, informative and caring. They welcomed questions from me and from my husband, a retired M.D. I felt confident and fortunate when all of us agreed I was an excellentcandidate for brachytherapy. Dr. Schreiber’s expertise and bedside manner made me feel secure. I was confident I made the correct decision. My life was no longer spinning out of control; I was on my way to recovery from breast cancer. On a Monday morning I began treatment which consisted of a minor surgical procedure and two fifteen minute radiation treatments daily for five days. On Friday afternoon after my last radiation treatment we departed for our windsurfing vacation. Here I am about a week after completing brachytherapy. The sun is shinning and the sailing is smooth!

Thank you husband, adult-children, friends, Dr. Schreiber and staff at the Breast Brachytherapy Center for being there for me.